A Simple Gin Cocktail

I am a fan of gin. I blame my friend Caitlin (you should read her blog Put One Foot In Front of the Other) for formally introducing me to the Gin & Tonic in college. I already loved tonic water since I was a child, weird I know but we drink it in my family with lime it’s refreshing and delicious, so it was only a matter of time before I discovered that this would be my drink. So a couple weeks ago during Cocktail Week on The Kitchn (one of my favorite food blogs) I found this great article on 3 ingredient cocktails. And I just had to try one. Normally James is the mixologist of the two but he was working late and I just needed a drink to cook dinner. Well, I didn’t need it in order to cook, but you know, sometimes you just need happy hour at home. Anyway, I was really excited to find that there were quite a few gin drinks and wanting to try something new I attempted one of them, and just look how pretty it is!

My beautiful cocktail to drink while I cook dinner.

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This beautiful concotion is my version of The Lazy Woman’s Cocktail. I say my version because I had to swap ingredients a bit. You’ll see:

Jessica’s Lazy Woman Cocktail

  • 1.5 oz gin (My favorite is Hendrick’s)
  • 3/4 oz. lemon juice
  • A drop of grenadine
  • Splash of tonic water (It’s more like a few splashes. Also this is where I edited the original: I subbed tonic water for club soda since we had none at home.)

Mix all the ingredients together in a tumbler, add ice. Drink!

I really enjoyed this drink. I would love to try it with club soda, added it to my grocery list already, just to see what the original one is. But it’s a nice balance of sour and come on it’s pink! I’m not even a huge pink fan but it is pretty. And it was a refreshing drink for the end of my working from home/doing homework on a sunny day.

What are your favorite quick cocktails? Anyone else a big fan of gin?

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  1. I also LOVE gin! I usually order Bombay Sapphire at bars because, well, they usually have that one. I also like Tanquaray Rajpur (spicy!), and I’ve recently discovered Hendricks. It’s so nice to “meet” another gin-loving lady. There aren’t many of us!

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