Returning to West Point, on the cheap

Recently the opportunity came up for my husband to speak at his alma mater, West Point, to cadets about his experience being deployed to Afghanistan. The panel, a part of a class that all seniors aka Firsties take, featured 4 other Officers who worked together while deployed. What was really cool about this trip was that I got to tag along. While he was on travel orders, we were able to extend his over the weekend so we could stay and see friends and family. And the best part? We paid for one plane trip! Mine. (And food/hotels for our extension obviously.)

The hubs speaking to cadets! Photo by Jessica Hall (via smartphone sorry for the not so awesome quality)

The hubs speaking to cadets! Photo by Jessica Hall (via smartphone sorry for the not so awesome quality)

While there were some mishaps along the way, mainly mine (I was supposed to fly to a different airport, switched during my layover through due to delays, but my luggage went to said first airport, long story but i did get my luggage later), it was a blast! And a great chance to take a vacation on the fairly cheap. I say fairly because our weekend was spent in NYC which can be expensive, but totally worth it, and to be honest we didn’t spend a ton, after living there for a few years we do things slightly cheap.

But for trips like this there really is an opportunity to tag along and take a quick vacation. It was nice to see family and friends, and to return to a familiar place. I spoke to someone who once went TDY to Hawaii and his wife came and sat on the beach while he was in a conference/meetings, not too shabby right? It’s not a true perk, but a vacation for half price? I’ll take that.

Anyone else hop on a TDY or trip orders for a mini-vacation? Any tips for people looking to join their spouse on a business trip?

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    I had a question for you about possibly collaborating on something and was hoping you could email me back to discuss? Thanks so much!

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  2. I have a ridiculous tip that’s worked, but it’s essentially cheating the system: Buy and share one appetizer, one large entree, (and even a dessert), and pay for drinks on a separate ticket– that way, when your person is submitting their receipts for reimbursement, it’s on the company dime! Hey, sharing is caring!

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