The First Army Family Goodbyes

My husband switched battalions last month and I am finding it a bit sad, even though we haven’t PCS’d, we just switched buildings basically. But I find it really sad in some ways. I grew very close to the other spouses of our first unit. James was on a trip to West Point when we should have been farewell’d from the unit, so we did it a month later, and I’ll be farewell’d at the next Coffee Group, after totally crashing last month (!). And while most of my friends are still around JBLM like we are, there are no more FRG meetings or events with them. Sure we will all still hang out but it’s hard to cut that cord. I can’t just hang around and crash their events (although I really want to). It’s just not my place. And to make it worse others are PCS’ing or leaving in the coming year, one has already left!

With ladies from our first unit (+ some other excellent friends) at my birthday party. Photo by Bethany Lackie.

With ladies from our first unit (+ some other excellent friends that I’ve met here in WA) at my birthday party. Photo by Bethany Lackie.

While I find it comforting that my friends are still around, it is time to meet people in our new unit. Fortunately we knew some already, a few moved over with us, but it’s still hard. My sense of JBLM is our first unit, hanging out with those people. And at this point the new unit doesn’t seem as active. Which is fine to be honest, I don’t have a ton of extra time right now between school and work. But it’s nice to know people. I had class on the night of our first FRG meeting so I’m hoping I can make the next one. I met some ladies on Easter when we went to a new co-worker’s house for lunch and they were great! But in the meantime I just know that I can’t just go to official things at the old unit, just girls’ nights, which I love just as much, and that I know will continue.

So my biggest takeaway as I’m going through this change? I’ll always have those first friends, and they will always be really special to me and lifelong friends, but I have to stay open to meeting more people and getting involved in new things, because otherwise how will I stay connected? Who knows if these new spouses will become as good of friends but that’s not the point. I’m sure I will find people I get along with and hang out with at official functions, and we’ll hang out on weekends. But that first group of ladies? They will always be my friends. Units don’t determine your friends, and while our first one is the source of a lot of friends, I have friends from others too! It’s one big happy friend family! So here’s to moving forward, meeting new people, and staying close to some really excellent friends.

What are your tips for meeting people in your new unit?

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