Making our perfect breakfast table

When we moved into our new house there was one element that I was really excited about: our breakfast nook. The only thing missing was the perfect table. Instead of looking for a brand new one we decided to look for an antique table to paint/refurbish. The hunt took us to a lot of antique stores in the area (and there are are a lot), we saw refurbished furniture, furniture that should have stayed in the 70s, and furniture that was just overpriced or too big. But we finally found the perfect table.

Refurbishing breakfast nook table More Than a Military Spouse

The table in our nook before painting. Photo by Jessica Hall

Refurbishing furniture More than a military spouse

Another view of the table. Photo by Jessica Hall

So then began the process of making it the color that we wanted. James took the lead on this because he’s pretty handy and really enjoys redoing furniture. Me? Not so much. We started by using paint strippers. The first was slow work and so we went back to Lowe’s to get a stronger option. This is what it looked like stripping the paint down. There were a TON of layers of pain. Some of it was sticky, and it was also originally green as we learned.

Refurbishing the table. More than a mlitary spouse

Stripping the paint. Photo by Jessica Hall

We then sanded the table to make sure it was all even. And then we primed.

Table stripped of all the paint. Photo by Jessica Hall

Table stripped of all the paint. Photo by Jessica Hall

More Than A Military Spouse

Table with primer on and drying. Photo by Jessica Hall.

Then it was painting time!! We picked out a gorgeous color from Lowe’s called Dive In.

More Than A Military Spouse

After the first coat of paint. Photo by Jessica Hall.

We did 2 coats of paint, maybe 3 to be honest I can’t fully remember to get this beautiful color.

More Than a Military Spouse

The completed table. Photo by Jessica Hall

We are loving our table. I eat breakfast at it all the time and even use it as a work space in the morning. I love adding colorful flowers on the table for some pop. This color is one of my favorites so I’m so glad we chose it for the table. Most of our furniture is neutral colored so it’s nice to have something different and fun. The longest process was prepping the table for the new paint, the downside of antiques is that they have often just been painted over and over again. All we’ve got left to do in this house is hang up some more photos aka figure out where to put them! But it feels like home after two months. Amazing what some quick unpacking and furniture does.

Anyone else into refurbishing furniture? Any tips and tricks?

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  1. It turned out so cute and looks lovely in your kitchen!!

  2. Hey, I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award. You can find all the details on my blog 🙂

    Love the colors you picked. That mint and white will brighten up any room!

  3. That breakfast nook looks fantastic!

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